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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Why Tile is different.


Legacy Services uses the same quality of service for your tile and grout as we do for your carpets. We understand that cleaning your tile floors can be messy and uncomfortable, especially for large areas. Not to mention the time you have put into cleaning the grout that just never seems to get back to it’s original color. This is because grout is a porous material, that collects dirt and grime that normal mopping cannot reach.



What does Tile and Grout cleaning look like?


We begin with a walk through with you, the customer, to point out any trouble areas that may need additional care, then chose the best cleaning agent for your specific floors. By agitating the solution and dirt, we are able to steam clean  your tile and grout, removing all of the remaining soil and dirt particles. After everything has been cleaned, we spray a seal on top of your tile, which keeps your floors looking new until your next appointment. (We recommend getting your tile and grout cleaned once a year.)