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Air Duct, Vent & Furnace Cleaning

Do you need your Vents cleaned?


Your home collects over 40 pounds of dust a year from pollen, hair, dead skin, soil minerals and various other materials found in your local environment. These dust particles are the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria such as fungi and mold to grow. Not to mention the extra money are you spending on energy for your air system to work efficiently. By having your vents and air ducts cleaned regularly (recommended once a year), you will prevent these extra costs, bacteria from growing and other damages that can come to your home if not treated properly.



What does Air Duct and Vent cleaning look like?


We begin by inspecting your furnace, air ducts, and vents. After the inspecting we then, go into the furnace, clean and change the filter. Once this has been done our trained technicians will go through each air duct, starting with the one furthest away from the furnace and work our way back, making sure all of the dust, dry soil, and critters are removed. The final step in our air duct and vent cleaning is to clear out the air return, leaving your air system spotless.