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Area Rug Cleaning

Why should you get your Area Rugs cleaned?


Just like your carpets, your area rugs experience a lot of traffic and use through out the years. As it may be tempting to clean them on your own for a quick fix, a lot of the times this does not fully take away all of the dirt and damage. Our expert technicians are trained to decipher what cleaning method would be best for your area rug based off of size, material and dye.



Using a professional for your Area Rugs.


Legacy Services offers two different options regarding your area rug cleaning needs. Depending on the size and damage, our trained technicians can clean your rug for you in your home or you have the option to have it thoroughly cleaned at our rug spa. We treat both methods equally and efficiently, providing the highest quality of service.



What does cleaning my Area Rug look like?


Similar to our carpet cleaning methods, we would start by having our technicians examine and note any troubled spots on your area rug. Depending on the material of your rug, we will then decide which solution will be the most effective and safe for your rug. We will begin by removing all of the dry soil that has built up on the top and bottom of your area rug. Followed by spraying our cleaning solution to help break down the remaining soil and release it from the fibers in your rug. We finish up by rinsing and drying your area rugs, bringing them back to their original state and color.